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The restaurantLido Solitario” is located in Castiglione del Lago and offers traditional dishes cooked according to tradition. The restaurant is located in a strategic and suggestive position: right on the shores of the lake, just 300 meters by foot from the ferry pier and 200 meters from the historic center.
Lido Solitario offers a simple but welcoming environment, with wide windows and a large terrace overlooking the lake (air-conditioned room). In the menu you will find some typical dishes of the lake tradition but not only … for pizza lovers the restaurant proposes the original pizza alla pala!

Traditional dishes such as carpione, carpa regina in porchetta, grilled lake fish and meat, traditional sauces for pasta… make Lido Solitario the perfect place for those in search of authenticity and genuine products.

Pizza alla pala is a rectangular-shaped pizza rolled out and stuffed directly onto a shovel, traditionally made of wood, and cooked directly on refractory stone. The characteristic of its dough is the high hydration.
Known as pinsa romana o spianata, it entered the world of pizza after the ingenious idea of Gigino Dell’Amura who, in the early 1930s, invented pizza al metro (which for the first time made it possible to order pizza in various flavors and in various sizes).

We are open everyday, both for lunch and dinner!

Share our pizza alla pala with the persons you love!


Pike salad
with green sauce and toasted polenta croutons

Perch patè
with orange jelly and bread croutons

Tench terrine
with black cabbage pesto and confit cherry tomatoes

with fresh tomato, basil and smoked tench patè

Mixed starter of lake fish
(for 2 persons)

Artichoke “parmigiana”
with black truffle and smoked scamorza cheese

Umbrian cold cuts and cheeses selection
with bruschette, typical white pizza and home made vegetables “giardiniera”

Torta al testo
Typical white pizza with cooked vegetables sausages and stracciatella cheese


Chickpeas and chestnuts soup 
with crispy bread slivers

Speghetti di pasta fresca trafilata al bronzo
– with perch fillets, lentils and confit cherry tomatoes
– with pecorino cheese cream and black pepper

Hand made pasta “tagliatelle”
– with tench fillets and typical trasimeno beans
– with wild pork ragù

Potato ravioli
with Chianina Igp ragù and porcini mushrooms

– with Trasimeno shrimps sauce
– with seasoned pecorino fondue and black truffle


Grilled lake fish  
with home made green sauce

Perch fillet
with porcini mushrooms and black truffle

Stewed cod
with chard, raisins and plums

Roasted carp
cooked in oven (traditional recipe)

Grilled free range chicken
with herbs cooked with garlic and typical white pizza

Mixed grill:
sliced chicken, bacon, “capocollo”, sausage and beef (for 2 persons)


Mixed salad

Cooked vegetables with garlic

Typical beans with aromatic herbs

Roasted potatoes served with black truffle sauce 

French fries

Stewed beans 


Pasta with tomato sauce

Chianina Igp burger with french fries


Pizza alla pala da asporto - Trattoria Pizzeria Lido Solitario - Castiglione del Lago

Pizza with tomato, mozzarella, basil and bufala

Pizza with mozzarella, sausages and champignon mushrooms with thyme

Pizza with tomato, mozzarella, champignon mushrooms with thyme, artichoke, baked ham and olives

pizza with tomato, mozzarella, champignon mushrooms with thyme, zucchini, pepper, cooked vegetables and basil pesto

pizza with mozzarella, raw ham, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and bufala

pizza with mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese, red radicchio, pears, walnuts and balsamic vinegar sauce

pizza with stracciatella cheese, mortadella and chopped pistachios

pizza with tomato, stracciatella cheese, anchovies, lemon peel and valerian

pizza with mozzarella and scamorza cheese, turnip greens and sausage

Norcina a modo nostro
pizza with mozzarella and stracchino cheese,black truffle, sausage and black cabbage


Available also big gourmet “pala” with 4 dressings – advice for 4 persons.


Panna cotta
with wild berries

Zuppa Inglese
traditional creamy dessert with dark chocolate slivers

Apple, raisins and pine nuts cake
with chocolate sauce and ice cream

Chocolate cake
with mascarpone and coffee cream


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